Running the London Marathon…the Homestyle PR way

Okay, so here at Homestyle PR, a specialist interiors PR agency, we haven’t run a marathon. In fact, we tend to prefer a brisk 50-minute lunchtime walk than pounding the pavements of our capital city for 26.2 miles in this year’s London Marathon. But, if we were to do it (and we’d need some notice, so that excludes the 23rd April this year, we’re afraid), here’s what would make an event like this a little more, do-able…

Plenty of rest

Lots of dreamy sleep. Ideally more than eight hours a night. If we were training, then we’d certainly follow the advice of taking two recovery days a week for our body to rest.

Caple's C970i hob with griddle

Get the right nutrition

Oooh, lots of carbs – that sounds good! Potatoes, beans, pasta, wholegrain bread and apples to help produce the energy needed for running. Experts say to add around 100 calories extra for every mile you run in training. While training, protein needs to be around 10% of calorie intake, to help your body repair muscles after they tear during a workout. Add to that more calcium (broccoli, greens, salmon, milk, yoghurt) and plenty of water. We’d enjoy cooking delicious dishes on the C970i Caple multi-zone induction hob, shown with the iGriddle. How about a lovely sweet potato (good for to boost vitamin C, potassium, iron and the two trace minerals manganese and copper, crucial for healthy muscles), spinach and broccoli curry served with rice and beans? We could always griddle some extra vegetables on the side (and a steak?).

Dusk freestanding bath, Waters Baths of Ashbourne

Plunge into an ice bath

Long runs are essential in the build up to something like the London Marathon, but they also increase your risk of injury…the solution (which we’re not too keen on), is an ice bath! Perhaps if it was in the shapely Dusk freestanding bath from Waters Baths of Ashbourne, next to a wood-burning stove with towels close by, we’d feel slightly less anxious about plunging in. Bring it on!

Clifton exposed dual function shower system, Laura Ashley Bathroom Collection

Have a dress rehearsal

Gearing up for the main event, we’d have to have at least one dress rehearsal – from what to run in to how best to tie back our hair, what warm-up clothes are needed, to where we are going to see friends and family. This routine would start with a good wake-up shower in the Clifton exposed dual function showering system from Laura Ashley Bathroom Collection. With its fixed head and single function shower handset, we’d be ready to face the race ahead.

So if we’ve inspired you to take part, then do let us know on Twitter…in the meantime, we’re off out for a brisk walk around the block…