How to refresh your home for summer with Swoon Worthy blogger Kimberly Duran

Leading interiors PR agency Homestyle PR has teamed up with multi-award-winning, interior design blogger Kimberly Duran of Swoon Worthy for this month’s guest blogger post. Take some time out to find out just how to refresh your home for summer!

Kimberly Duran and a summer living room (Swoon Worthy)

With the cold wet winter finally behind us, it’s natural for us to give our wardrobes a bit of an update. We’ll put our heaviest coats and our winter boots away and we might treat ourselves to a few new summery tops or a fresh new skirt. But what about our homes? If your home is feeling a little stale and you’d like to inject some freshness for the new season, consider a few of the following suggestions to give it an update, perfect for the summer months ahead…

Binopolis rose gold bin, Caple pull-out baskets, Caple hotwater tap

New ways to tidy up

While we are all aware of the necessity of the spring clean, keeping on top of things is never just a once-a-year endeavour. Consider ways to keep your home clean and tidy in the summer months with a few items that will make the job so much easier.

This stunning rose gold bin from Binopolis not only looks great but functions beautifully as well with dual compartments for general waste as well as recycling.

Consider other options like baskets and boxes to keep smaller objects accessible without compromising on style. Caple has a number of accessories to keep your wardrobes organised with pull out baskets that keep your clothes tidy and will allow you the luxury of a more relaxed morning when deciding what to wear.

In the kitchen, an instant steaming water tap will declutter your worktops and create the convenience of never having to boil your kettle again!

Swoon Worthy DIY art canvases

Add a Bit of Pattern and Colour

Pack away those heavy winter fabrics and add a few new cushions on the sofa or on the bed in bright fresh colours. These simple steps will instantly revive living rooms and bedrooms!

Consider giving your artwork a little shakeup with a few new pieces for your walls. If you are feeling creative, why not try making your own abstract art? You can pick up your own canvases and paints from hobby shops or why not frame your children’s artwork or photos from your travels for a fun burst of colour on your walls.

Indoor gardening

Bring in Some New Houseplants

The summer months are perfect for house plants and will bring life and organic texture and colour into your home. Get creative by hanging a few from the ceiling or walls or create an indoor garden by grouping a few near a sunny window.

Even your kitchen can benefit from a bit of life and make cooking from fresh ingredients even easier with a row of herbs on a nearby windowsill. It’s a great way to bring the outside in and refresh your home this season.