One bedroom – take two styles, with guest blogger Carole King

Carole King on Colonial style

Carole King is an interior designer and author of Dear Designer blog where she writes daily about current trends, shopping tips and anything else that inspires her. She will occasionally share a personal project too.

She is also the co-founder and co-editor of Heart Home magazine. In her spare time she likes to decorate her new house and country cottage, walk her big dog and re-arrange her friends’ bookcases! Here, she talks to leading interiors PR consultancy Homestyle PR about the enduring British style trend – Colonial…

Teak Four Poster Bed and Leather Bedside Tables from Mufti

During the days of the British Empire intrepid travellers would bring back trunk loads of booty (not all of it acceptable in this day and age) and interiors would heave under the strain of animal trophies and ethnic textiles.

In today’s interiors, this Colonial aesthetic is more refined. The secret is to take the best of the original designs on offer, plus exceptional craftsmanship, and combine them with a modern colour palette and a softer approach – using linens, cottons and silks.

Image: Teak four-poster bed and leather bedside tables

Cushions (2 and 4), Candle Holder (3), Table Lamp (5), Gold Dish (7), and Leather Rug (8), all from Mufti. Monstera Wallpaper from Limelace. Artwork from Posterlounge. Bedding from Christy

Monochrome and masculine

Teak and leather both have a natural colour and patina that will fit into any style. You can introduce them both to a mostly black and white scheme and they will bring to it a warmth that might otherwise be missing. Distressed brick wallpaper introduces an industrial edge, while grey and white stripes on the bedding add pattern and movement. A dramatic photograph of a lion will provide a focal point behind the bed while the ‘African hunter’ references continue with the kudu horn and tripod lamp.

Image: Cushions (1,2,4), candle holder (3), tripod lamp (8) and kudu horn (9). Brick wallpaper (5) from Limelace. Striped bedding (6) from Christy. Lion photographic print (7) from Posterlounge

Cushions (1,2,4), Candle Holder (3), Tripod Lamp (8), and Kudu Horn (9), all from Mufti. Brick Wallpaper (5) from Limelace. Striped Bedding from Christy. Lion Photographic Print from Posterlounge

Warm and feminine

Taking the same teak four poster bed and leather bedside tables it’s possible to create a much softer and more traditional look. By keeping the wallpaper and bedding to neutral colours with a subtle design it’s possible to bring in much more pattern and colour without overpowering the scheme. There’s a deliberate hint of nature in the accessories used, while the rug balances out the room with a stronger graphic design. A punchy yellow cushion adds a lovely accent colour, while the blue glass lamp base picks out the blue from the painting.

Image: Cushions (2 and 4), candle holder (3), table lamp (5), gold dish (7), and leather rug (8). Monstera wallpaper (1) from Limelace. Artwork (6) from Posterlounge. Bedding (9) from Christy