Spotlight on…Natalie Osborn, deputy editor of Good Homes magazine

Natalie Osborn, deputy editor of Good Homes magazine

Natalie Osborn, deputy editor of beautiful interiors magazine Good Homes, tells leading interiors PR agency Homestyle PR where she gets her inspiration from and what sets this magazine apart from others on the newsstand…

Good Homes is all about creating beautiful interior spaces – where do you get your inspiration from?

From almost everywhere. We pay attention to colour reports, micro trends and seasonal homeware releases, but also to the way real people live. Interiors blogs and Instagram are such a wonderful window into everyday life and the discussion and comments that are part and parcel of the online community can often be far ahead of the curve.

Good Homes magazine house case study

Which section is your favourite and why?

I find the houses that we feature the most exciting; I’m continuously delighted by how creative people are and also how differently we approach decorating our interiors. In Good Homes we include four real homes, four before-and-after kitchen and bathroom makeovers and two extension projects every issue, and they never fail to inspire me every month.

Why are colour, pattern and texture so important when creating your dream home? 

Those three things bring a space to life and are all ways that you can be playful with interiors – an understanding of how you can balance those elements, intensifying some whilst subduing others, will help create a harmonious and completely unique look. You can apply the principle to smaller decisions, too; for example, a pop of a yellow cotton cushion on a plain grey sofa will give a completely different feel to a cream, chunky knit throw and that’s down to all three factors – not just the colour difference.

What made you decide to work on national glossy, home interest magazines? 

I’ve always been interested homes. I was addicted to television programmes Grand Designs and Location, Location, Location from the age of about seven. When I tell people that I look at beautiful home interiors all day, I often worry that I have a smug look on my face, because I do genuinely love my job. I remember my very first work experience placement at Period Ideas magazine, where I was given a modern country shopping page to research and write. I just couldn’t believe that people did this all day – and got paid for it! I was hooked from day one.

Good Homes magazine front cover

What sets Good Homes magazine apart from others on the newsstand?

Good Homes is a very seasonal magazine; everything from our shopping buys and real homes to craft ideas and recipes are all linked to the cover-dated month. It’s a real burst of new and exciting inspiration for your home and ties into what’s happening in the world around you – from bank holiday room makeovers and brilliant ideas to window dressing refreshes in the summer and which colours you should bring to a north-facing room in autumn.

What is your idea of fun on a weekend? 

Well, as a slight departure from homes, I’ve actually just got an allotment! So at the weekends I’m preparing and planting my fruit and veg beds, and planning a cut flower bed. It’s all new to me but I’m really enjoying it and it’s lovely to be away from a computer (or TV, tablet or mobile) screen for hours at a time.

Good Homes magazine kitchen supplement

Which room has become the most important part of the home?

The kitchen, undoubtedly. It’s become much more than a room – it’s a space for living. I edited the 36-page Dream Kitchens supplement that comes free with the May issue of Good Homes and it really plays on the idea of the kitchen as a versatile space for modern needs.

What would you be if you hadn’t worked as a magazine editor?

My favourite TV programme of all time is The West Wing, and if I had discovered it earlier (too busy watching Location and Grand Designs, clearly), I think I would have trained as a speech writer.

Good Homes Bookazine

We’ve heard you’ve got a new coffee table magazine on the way; tell us more about it? 

Oh, this is our fantastic new special issue: The Complete Guide to Interior Design. It’s a glossy 180-page bookazine (half-book, half-magazine), and it covers everything you could possibly need to know about decorating the home you love. Twelve sections cover the core design subjects, including colour, layout, storage and lighting, and they are all packed with incredibly beautiful room schemes and simple, try-at-home tips that will revive any space.