Tone of voice: Getting it right with Homestyle PR

Leading interiors PR agency Homestyle PR gives expert advice on how to develop a unique way of speaking to your audience using the right tone of voice…

Homestyle PR: Tone of voice

For every brand, setting your tone of voice is crucial. After all, this is how you reveal who you are to the world in your written copy, which will include your website and social media as well as providing content to the press, from leading journalists to top bloggers. So, the key to reaching your consumers is through successful marketing, which comes from pinpointing the correct tone so they can not only see what you do but who it is that encompasses your brand.

When setting your tone of voice, it’s all about building trust, you see. If you work with Homestyle PR, you’ll find it’s the best way you can set yourselves apart from the rest, with a distinctive and instantly recognisable tone. Not only will familiarity in your use of language feel more welcoming to your consumers, you can also use this method to help influence and persuade them to ultimately buy from you!

Sarah Mills, director, Homestyle PR

Follow our director Sarah’s top tips on how to best create your tone of voice:

Company values:

Identify your company values and the customers you’d like to attract. Informal language may work well if your company wants to appeal to the masses whereas a more formal approach will do wonders if you want to appeal to the high earners. Of course, this doesn’t mean your tone of voice has to lack personality, just that you may need to leave out the ‘witty banter’.

Simplify your language:

Simplifying your language will instantly help to establish more trust in your brand! Don’t patronise and try not to use pretentious terms to describe an item. Keep your language clear and simple. Avoid anything which might be considered as difficult communication, such as technical terms. And don’t assume your customer knows what you mean because this could alienate them.


Don’t forget to use pronouns such as ‘you’ or ‘your’ in your copy whether you’re producing features or compiling social media content. This is a golden rule in the world of journalism and will instantly identify your relationship with your customer.

Telling a story:

This is a fantastic way in which to achieve company direction through tone of voice. Using your company’s personality and beliefs to tell your story, you can entertain your customer from your company history to your core values via point of sale material (packaging, adverts etc) and various media channels.

Simplify your language with Homestyle PR

Did you know Homestyle PR consists of a team of fully qualified journalists? Having worked across interiors and lifestyle titles, from magazines to newspapers, we love spreading the word in the right way for all our clients. As the written (and spoken) word is part of our DNA coupled with our comprehensive and regular PR training, we can help you to identify a tone of voice which will reveal your way of thinking and your company values to customers who, in turn, are more likely to buy from you…

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